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once i went to the movie theater with my friend who wears hijab and while we were sitting down she turned to me and said “people always ask me what i have under here. let me show you” and proceeded to whip out two dorito bags, three hostess cakes, and a pack of gummy worms

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just another thing I won’t find my name onimage

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Also related, there are people you thought you were friends with who don’t show any semblance of acknowledgment of what you’re going through. Like they literally do not even contact you or say anything to show that they are aware of your situation. And that’s how you know who you don’t need in your life anymore.

Friends are overrated.

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yourkinkisproblematic asked: When I was in high school I learned about America putting Japanese citizens in internment camps. It was glossed over. I didn't learn anything about what happened in the camps. It was taught in a positive light like the American government was right to do that.


wow, just like everything else they did in history I’m assuming? It really baffles me. I’m not familiar with the American curriculum but if it is blatantly so prejudiced, how has nobody noticed? It’s like brain washing children and implimenting racist ideas into their heads. 


when privileged groups want rights, safety, and respect, it’s called “basic human decency”

when oppressed groups want rights, safety, and respect, it’s called “social justice”

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Anonymous asked: My mom just told me that when she lived in Palestine there were turkish delights (sweets) wrapped in plastic and thrown in the wheat fields that she used to tend. She asked her mother if she could eat them and she told her that they'll kill her. Wallahi Israelis have no hearts.




Yup when I was there I was wondering who dropped all this candy everywhere and I saw that from the helicopters they were throwing buckets of candy everywhere. Poisonous candy. Killing animals, and children.



We live in such a scary world.


Palestinian relatives of Jalila Aiad, who was killed in an Israeli air strike, during her funeral at Alariodhux church in Gaza City.27 July 2014 by Hosam Salem.

I’m posting this not because its so weird that there’s Christian Palestinians but to emphasize the role of them in the Palestinian struggle towards freedom.